Angel's Landing

>> Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grade: A
Equipment: Water and Lunch for the top
Time: 3-5 hours
Date: 9-19-09
Conditions: Beautiful Fall day - mid 70's
Experience: Beginner
Distance: 5 miles round trip

This was the first of three diverse hikes on Saturday. Combining this hike with a slot canyon allows for two unique perspectives on Zion, my favorite place on earth. . .
Angels Landing is an all-time favorite of mine. I've done it more times than I can count, and the only time I regretted it was when I took a group of 12 year old scouts - the top of Angels Landing is not a good place to play tag. A scout fell off the thousand foot cliff the week after my scouts were up there running around.

Someone falls every year. As long as you aren't running around, you will be fine.

The 2.5 mile trail to the top starts at the Grotto shuttlestop, on the West side of the street. It gets steep rapidly and doesn't level out until you reach the saddle at 2 miles. Although this is a very steep hike with dangerous cliffs, the trail is smooth and mostly cemented to the point, making it fairly easy in comparison with other steep terrain. Bathrooms have been conveniently placed at the saddle. Catch your breath and get ready for a rugged final stretch that will take your breath away.

Holding on to chains, you will be able to climb the narrow and steep back of the ridge looking down at the canyon floor 1000 feet below on both sides. The top widens out and is a great place to enjoy a light lunch and take pictures. Don't drop your camera. Angels landing is the perfect name for this spot. What a view!

The 2.5 miles back goes fast. Danielle particularly liked holding out her arms like an airplane as she ran down the switch backs called "Walt's Wiggles". The rest of us caught on and followed close behind.

Water and bathrooms are available at the trailhead by the shuttle pick-up. Refer to Tom's Utah Canyoneering Guide for all the specifics.



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